Peran Implisit Kualitas Audit dalam Menekan Perilaku Penghindaran Pajak

Sigit Wahyu Kartiko

Dwi Martani

Unidirectional relationship between earnings management and tax avoidance should not be interpreted connotatively. Based on an accounting information publicly listed Indonesian firms over the 2001-2013 period, this empirical results exhibit that the implicit (indirect) role of increasing audit quality is able to reduce tax avoidance behavior by decreasing earnings management. This research develops structural models from two previous models: 1) effect of audit quality on earnings quality model and 2) effect of an aggressive financial reporting on tax reporting aggressiveness. Test results on structural model is inline with the findings of two models from previous studies in Indonesia.

Keywords: audit quality, earnings quality, tax avoidance, structural model.

ipresentasikan pada Simposium Nasional Akuntansi XVIII, di Universitas Sumateran Utara, Medan, 16 – 19 September 2015, Penyelenggara: FEB USU. Peran Implisit Kualitas Audit…